The Legacy Group of America Business Consulting Services

We offer a number of consulting services:

  • Listening

    In his classic essay The Servant ‘As Leader,’ Robert Greenleaf said that ‘only a true natural servant automatically responds to any problem by listening first.

    By listening, servant leaders are able to identify the needs of their community and that puts them in a perfect position to meet the needs of others first.

  • Servant Leadership Education

    With Servant Leadership as our guiding principle, The Legacy Group of America, as a non-profit organization, can leverage the expertise of other Servant Leader counterparts. These Servant partners "pay it forward" by providing insight and act as mentors to new and seasoned leaders alike. Depending on your needs, training can be on an individual or group basis.

  • Networking/Coaching

    The Legacy Group of America operates as a private non-profit foundation to fund the organization’s charitable endeavors and the legacies of those affiliated with us. As a Servant partner, you will gain access to information on helping to fund other non-profits.

Youth Servant Leadership Development

Recognizing that tomorrow’s leaders are today’s youth, we offer a number of services to educate young people about the principles and benefits of Servant Leadership. We provide ongoing mentoring and training sessions.


Live your life for God to help others grow to be SERVANT LEADERS


Meet others needs over self


LEAD YOURSELF, powered by the Holy Spirit with HUMILITY, HUMOR and HONOR